Front-end standards group/2016-10-12

Attending: Volker E., Roan K., Jan D., Jon R., Ed S.


No items in today's meeting.

Action & CodeEdit

New questsEdit

Please participate in stylelint rules finding for wikimedia-config-stylelint

Should OOjs UI Widgets apply `box-sizing: border-box` as general rule?
ES: When VE tried this the last time, VE devs got burnt. Injection of DOM where you don't have full control killed the approach.


  • VE in MobileFrontend popup
  • AceEditor

Ed Sanders: only DOM elements with width are affected

Jan Drewniak: so if all of visualEditor used border-box...

Roan Kattouw: We can't rewrite ACE to use border-box

ACE or VE is such a large codebase, it isn't feasible to rewrite or play specificity game

Moment.js in core?

RK: jquery.globalize seems like a superior solution
JR: deprecating it
RK: don't think we can get rid of all in core right now
globalize has custom builds, much more modularized
Mediawiki.UI and OOjs UI calendar widget also use moment.js
RK: We probably don't need the C module
globalize uses CLDR which is good


Cross-team success: Getting rid of old UI CSS classes throughout our codebase