Front-end standards group/2016-09-21

Attending: Andrew R.-G., Jan D., James F., Joaquin O., Mark H., Volker E.


No topics today

Action & CodeEdit


T142418: Discourage use of various front-end ResourceLoader JS modules (JR, JF)Edit

Action needed: Somebody to merge patch after this meeting? --> Action taken?
JF: We merged the code for console.log, jQuery.UI etc.
So far nobody has given negative feedback, or any feedback at all.

New questsEdit

Mustache vs Hogan (TT)Edit

Service-Worker based prototype (TT)Edit Both topics need Timo to attend, therefore we're postponing it to next meeting.

Spike: Re-evaluate use of transforms in MobileFrontend. (JR)Edit

VE: Does the functionality break for the users without transform? Op Mini didn't support collapsing at all?
This example is generally not the best example as it has no big performance impact any outcome.