Front-end standards group/2016-09-14

Attending: Volker E., Timo T., Andrew R.-G., Jan D.


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Mustache vs Hogan (TT)Edit

= Bringing WikimediaUI Base to core?!Edit

Example use case:
Reverted in

  • Consider renaming oojs-ui theme "mediawiki" to "wikimedia".
  • Import and use wikimedia-ui.less variables in oojs-ui-wikimedia.
  • Define skinnable variables API in MediaWiki core. -
  • Have skins with an associated OOjs UI theme automatically fill in these variables from their oojs-ui theme.
  • Update mediawiki-core/mediawiki.ui.less to use these variables.
  • Mark T112747 as fixed.

Service-Worker based prototypeEdit
TT: Probably a year from production-readiness in MediaWiki
Custom elements, that are not delivered to the client, but replaced. Think `<mw-toc>`
aside from localisation on client-side, aside from prerendering HTML: one big advantage is offline
AG: For browsers who don't support it, it would be done on the server-side
TT: That's right, using varnish

TT: Varnish setup: Pool of Apache webservice, static on top of that varnished process, caching proxy.
Cached HTML from Parsoid would be available in varnished as well