Front-end standards group/2016-08-10

Attending: Volker E., Jon R., Bartosz D., Jan D., Trevor P., Julien G., Ed S., Andrew R.-G., Timo T.


No topics in meeting today

Action & CodeEdit


T27349 ResourceLoader: Support loading of messages in parsed formats (e.g. parsed, incontentlanguage, ..) (JR)Edit

T127268 Dismantle ResourceLoader's "targets" system (JR)Edit

New questsEdit

T138401: Replace jsduck in favor of a better maintained alternative (jsdoc) (JR)Edit

Moving away from Ruby, because more confident to fork something written in JS

T142418: Start deprecation process to discourage use of various frontend ResourceLoader JS modules. (JR, JF)Edit

Important to start tenant people to have feedback about deprecated modules.

Action needed: Somebody to merge patch after this meeting?

To quote or not to quote `font-family` (JD)Edit any opinions? TP: If Timo were here, he would probably vote for only when required. Interested if right with that estimation.

T128913 Implement <mapframe> box frame & captioning (JG)Edit Discussion: existing div.thumb/div.thumbinner wrap vs future (RFC )
Semantic markup for easier extration argument:
JR: always for early-adopting
.thumb/.thumbinner is easier because style is already available in read mode
but <figure> CSS can be extracted and included in read mode by the extension
ES: Check with Parsoid, but we should be able to separate out the <figure> section of parsoid read styles and have Kartographer depend on it.
TT: We can also move the figure thumb styles from 'content.parsoid' to the regular shared/skin content styles, near where the legacy thumb/thumbinner styles are.


T137772 Add ability to mark ResourceLoader modules as deprecated (TT, JR)Edit