Front-end standards group/2016-04-13

Attending: Andrew R-G., Ed S., Jan D., Volker E., Robla, Timo T.


Welcoming Jan Drewniak as new participant from Discovery

Action & CodeEdit

Front-end standards related ArchCom-RFCs:


RFC: Section headings should have a clickable anchor (VE)

  • Volker: Task contains lots of arguments in favour (mainly by developers/power users?). However most industry uses are from technical documentation. This is not yet a feature people at large will definitely identify with, understand and want to have. There are also complexities with regards to the diversity of our wiki content (e.g. can be confusing when the heading is a link itself).
  • Jan: Statistics on existing solutions?
  • Timo: Not yet, but it is available.E.g. . Let's gather more.

Study options and libraries for a more featureful LocalStorage API in core (AG)
and blocking: Get rid of cookies (tracking)

  • Ed: will it be usable outside of MW?
  • Timo: The current version in CN isn't, but it will be as part of moving to core (it only uses utility methods, no logical dependency).

Standardize on how to export JavaScript interfaces (RK)

Hash fragments (JR)

New questsEdit

What are we using for Templating here? (e.g. Handlebars) (JD)

  • TT: Server-side or client-side?
  • JD: We might be doing "Trending articles" client-side. We're planning on doing client-side as long as infrastructure isn't there server-side
  • TT: Mustache
  • JR: Mobile for historical reasons using Hogan.js from Twitter