Front-end standards group/2016-03-23

Attending: Andrew R-G., James F., Volker E., Jon R., Bartosz D., Ed S.



Discussion update on the question of becoming a "working group" within ArchCom

New questsEdit

All non-participating group members will be assigned 3 Phabricator tasks every time. ;) -- No clear consent, although some muttering agreement

Action & CodeEdit

Front-end standards related ArchCom-RFCs:

New questsEdit

CSS linting – new approach (JF)

  • JF would like to replace CSSlint with more modern, flexible, customizable approach also regarding style hinting
    • Stylelint is based on PostCSS so PostCSS is a blocker
      • VE: We've been talking about possible usage of PostCSS in group's last meeting. Might be on the horizon.
      • JR: Minerva is currently not using PostCSS, but would generally be interested
      • VE interested in exploring the options here.

Switch in core from old forms to HTMLForms/OOUI Forms (JR)

Study options and libraries for a more featureful LocalStorage API in core (AG) AG asking on way forward. Krinkle is not available today, JR will provide some comments here.