Front-end standards group/2016-02-10

Attending: James F., RobLa, Andy R.G., Ed S., Jon R., Volker E., Trevor P.




  • VE reached out to Sarah about rotating, will hopefully see results in schedule on our calenders next week(s?)

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New questsEdit

RobLa suggested we look at
RobLa: I would love to have the ability to delegate reviews of draft RFCs over to established working groups.
Large amounts of RFCs coming in and reviews are not done in the fastest manner
Idea is if a number of persistent working groups would be delegated large parts of the review process before it comes to the Architecture Commitee
FE Standards Group would be a good such working group to take over some of those RFC discussion and shepherding.
Quim and Greg commented that working group should have a clearer charter.

TP: Share what work is done across teams in the Foundation.

VE: Time-budget problem. As FE Std Group has been a rather loose group, there hasn't been a clearly enforced time assignment towards implementation of discussed topics.

Partly from Hangouts:

JR 8:21 AM
It's like we are building a house and using inconsistent windows/doors and trying to agree on which ones to use. It's not like we're adding a new floor.
(+ No more process please)
AG 8:23 AM
Would there be any objection to this group receiving requests to look at RfCs, and decide whether or not to take them on on an ad-hoc basis?
TP 8:23 AM
I always saw this group as authoring RFCs and then implementing them - I, as a director, grant the members of my teams who are part of this group time to work on such things
AG 8:25 AM
In any case I imagine being open to any sort of RfC tasks depending on time/availability wouldn't necessarily entail making an ongoing commitment on such
RL 8:25 AM
See also:
TP 8:27 AM
I've always seen it as a group that has greater context in front-end matters and thus ability to create and execute more detailed plans - we can write RFCs and execute on them
TP: Problem with RFC process currently is, who does that stuff?
AG 8:30 AM
I think the disjunctive would only really come when we have too much to work on as a group and have to prioritize or exclude some tasks
JR 8:31 AM
module loading
8:31 AM
That's why it's important for managers to give members of this group the time and space to do the work, whether that be a portion of their time ongoing or a quarter here and there