Front-end standards group/2015-10-16


Agenda edit

Social edit

  • Workboards improvement for visibility?
  • Separation between this group and UI standardization group?
    • Separation useful, there will be some overlap in terms of people, VE will look into issues across boards and possibly come up with a new Phab workboard.

Action & Code edit

Follow-up edit

New quests edit

Postponed to next meeting:

  • A standard way of doing hash fragment routing in MediaWiki? (JR)
  • Better JS minification? (RK, JR)
    • Max Semenik proposed changing from JavaScriptMinifier to UglifyJS a while ago, but there were some concerns around performance and reliability. Nowadays after the reorg, the performance team is doing a great job of owning ResourceLoader, so we should talk to Timo and Ori about this

Discussion edit

  • This meeting should be opened to more community members
  • Reschedule?
    • VE offering to ask Sarah to find a new time (not on Fridays)
      • People say time is OK, but a day that is not Friday would be nice
    • TP: we should switch to BlueJeans for capacity reasons

Participants edit

  • Andrew (AG)
  • Bartosz (BD)
  • Julien (JG)
  • Nirzar (NP)
  • Prateek (PS)
  • Trevor (TP)
  • Volker (VE)
  • Roan (RK)
  • Moiz (MS)
  • Ed (ES)