Flow/Comparison with LiquidThreads

First, read Flow/FAQ#Why not use LiquidThreads?

LiquidThreads organizes posts as separate wiki pages in a Thread namespace, and a LQT page shows these conversations, eg. Extension talk:LiquidThreads.

Flow stores posts in a separate cross-wiki database, you can only view and edit their content through a Flow page (called a "Flow board").

A LQT page can have regular article wikitext on it as well as threads, example, though LQT hides the normal [Edit] tab.

Similarly a Flow board has a Flow board header, as well as showing topics.

Feature comparison tableEdit

Feature Liquid Threads Flow
Enable feature User edits page, adds magic word.   In progress Ongoing work at phab:T72073
Watch topic Link next to thread title, or view thread in isolation and click the skin's Watch star   In progress Currently works, but refinement needed, and probably options for users who prefer to just use watchlists. To be researched next.
Watch a part of a topic View reply in isolation, click its watch star (does this actually work?).  N Not planned
Permalink Link next to thread title Pops up dialog with choice of URL or wiki link.   In progress Permalink in action menu is a hyperlink to Topic:<UUID>. No wiki link syntax (yet, planned).
View single topic At Thread:Talk page name/Friendly thread title   In progress At Topic:Rri0nmn8j56vbagt. We could append a meaningless piece of the title to make it friendlier, example Topic:rri0nmn8j56vbagt#Flow-through-the-eyes
View comment At /reply_(NN) subpage of Thread: page , example   Done Permalink adds fragment to Topic:<UUID> that scrolls to comment (example Topic:Rri0nmn8j56vbagt#flow-post-rrkm05qne3d1en0s)b, you always see it in context of entire topic conversation.
Merge/Split/Refactor posts within topics The "More" dropdown menu includes "Drag to new location", which enabled one-by-one post rearrangement, anywhere on the visible topic list (20 topics per page)   Not yet started
Move topic to another parent location "Move" link next to thread title, leads to Special:MoveThread interface.   Not yet started
Summarize thread "Summarize" link below thread title.   Done "Summarize" link in Action menu.
Indent depth unlimited   In progress Currently limited to 3 levels, but soon to change to 8, along with a new reply-indent system that should result in less large diagonal threads, whilst still being clear.
Table of Contents 20 topics/threads at a time.   Done See Talk:Flow for example.
Topic sort order 3 options (Newest, Oldest, Last modified)   In progress Currently 2 options (Newest, Last modified) but more options are planned, plus Filters. Notes at en:User:Hhhippo/Flow/TOC and filters
Search In-page search, and site-search   In progress Work ongoing. phab:T76823
Category support Categories in page-header, and categories in posts, are supported.   Done Supporting categories in Header-area, and Topic-Summaries, is implemented (example); work continues on improving it (phab:T92897 and phab:T92874). Categories in Posts will not be supported (phab:T94617).
Editing someone else's post Enabled for all - It displays a plaintext comment in the top-right corner (e.g.) denoting that someone edited it.   In progress By default it's just enabled for the original-author and admins. It is also enabled for all autoconfirmed+ users, at ruwiki, enwiki, and mediawikiwiki, in March, per requests (phab:T92897). Adding an optional edit-summary for changes to existing content, is phab:T59894.

Example pages from LQT installsEdit

Where an entire wiki uses LQT, the page list counts are incorrect. [Note: How do I find accurate counts?]

Wiki Recentchanges Page list (count - notes) Conversion status notes
testwiki rc pages (10 - but all are just testing, except here)
enwikinews rc pages (4,074 - many have no discussion, just {{Commentary/LQT}})
enwiktionary rc pages (43 - all usertalk)
fiwikimedia rc pages (2 - the Community Portal (with 5 threads), and a test page) done
huwiki rc pages (11 - 2 test pages, 9 usertalk pages)
mediawikiwiki rc pages (1,605) done LQT all converted to Flow
officewiki rc pages (7 - assorted) done LQT all converted to Flow
ptwikibooks rc pages (5,065 - many have no discussion) doing wiki has LQT globally enabled
strategywiki n/a pages (? - 346 posts, in perhaps ~150 threads) wiki has LQT globally enabled
sewikimedia rc pages (265 - assorted) done wiki has LQT globally enabled
svwikisource rc pages (123 - assorted)
test2wiki rc pages (5)
wikimania2010wiki n/a pages (? - only 24 posts, in 8 threads)
(for reference)
rc pages (? - many thousands)

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