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发行状态: 稳定版
描述 Provides list of wikis sorted by different categories
作者 John Lewis, Universal Omega
维护者 Miraheze system administrators
最新版本 continuous updates
MediaWiki 1.35.0+
PHP 7.2+
Composer miraheze/wiki-discover
许可协议 GNU通用公眾授權條款3.0
  • $wgWikiDiscoverUseDescriptions
  • $wgWikiDiscoverListPrivateWikis

The WikiDiscover extension creates a special page at Special:WikiDiscover which provides a list of all wikis on a wiki farm, sorted by different categories.

For reporting an issue or a bug, please use Miraheze Phabricator. See here for the workboard.


  • First, download and install the separate extension, CreateWiki .
  • 下载文件,并将其放置在您extensions/文件夹中的WikiDiscover目录内。
  • 将下列代码放置在您的LocalSettings.php 的底部:
    wfLoadExtension( 'WikiDiscover' );
  •   完成 – 在您的wiki上导航至Special:Version,以验证已成功安装扩展。


parameter default comment
$wgWikiDiscoverClosedList false A file with the list of all closed wikis
$wgWikiDiscoverInactiveList false A file with the list of all inactive wikis
$wgWikiDiscoverPrivateList false A file with the list of all private wikis