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User Contact Links
Release status: unmaintained
Implementation Extended syntax
Description Create properly formatted links to other wiki user's names/pages
Author(s) Paul Grinberg
Latest version v0.4.1 (2008-01-27)
License No license specified
Download Template:WikimediaDownload/svn
Example ^^^user name^^^
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This extension provides the ability to insert properly formatted user names with links to their respective user pages. Probably all wiki contributors have run across the following problem: the article text should make some reference to some other wiki user, but to do so properly ([[:User:username|full name]]) is tedious at best both because of the cumbersome syntax and possibly not knowing the username of a user whose full name is well known. This extention makes this task very easy by providing new wiki syntax to do so. Simply add ^^^user name^^^ and all the tediousness and guesswork is done. Moreover, the user name can be any of the following:

  1. wiki username
  2. user full name (first space last)
  3. last name of the user
  4. partial match of any part of user full name

Installation InstructionsEdit

Step 1Edit

Download the extension code from SVN and place it in the extensions directory.

Step 2Edit

Add the following text to your LocalSettings.php

require_once( "$IP/extensions/UserContactLinks/UserSignature.php" );


  • v0.4.1 - January 27, 2008 - Minor bug fix to not report a E_NOTICE error message.
  • v0.4 -
  • v0.3 - November 8, 2007
    • Incorporate suggestion from Khitrenovich to work with MW version 1.8.3 and prior
    • Made the installation simpler by conditionally creating the getUserIDFromUserText() function depending on whether or not Extension:Todo Tasks is installed
  • v0.2 - August 28, 2007 - initial publication on MediaWiki website.