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راهنمای افزونهٔ مدیاویکی
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وضعیت انتشار: پایدار
انجام Special page , User rights
توضیحات Provides finer control over user groups and user rights.
نویسنده(گان) Withoutaname
آخرین نسخه: 1.0.0
MediaWiki 1.24+
PHP 5.3.10+
تغییر پایگاه داده خیر
پروانه: GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
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The UserGroups extension adds a special page called Special:UserGroups that allows the user accessing it the ability create, delete, modify and configure user groups in terms of the user rights registrations or associations with it. It could be thought of as a revival of the now defunct Extension:GroupPermissionsManager . This is different from Special:UserRights, which only determines how to allocate user rights to certain users based upon membership of certain user groups.

It is not possible to configure $wgAddGroups or $wgRemoveGroups that way; such must be done in LocalSettings.php. Also, be careful when removing groups - doing so incorrectly can lock you out of your wiki! It is not possible to remove some system-created rights (such as CheckUser) completely through this extension; see Manual:User rights instead on how to do this manually.


  • Download and place the file(s) in a directory called UserGroups in your extensions/ folder.
  • کدهای زیر را در انتهای LocalSettings.php خودتان اضافه کنید:
    require_once "$IP/extensions/UserGroups/UserGroups.php";
  •   انجام شد – به Special:Version در ویکی خودتان بروید تا مطئمن شوید که افزونه با موفقیت نصب شده است.

User rights

  • modifygroups - Determines control of access to the Special:UserGroups special page interface, or in essence who is allowed to modify and configure user groups and their associated permissions. By default, this access is restricted to bureaucrats.

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