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Release status: experimental
Implementation Parser function
Description Recreation of popular templates into PHP
Author(s) Svip (Svippongtalk)
Latest version 0.3 (2011-05-04)
MediaWiki 1.15+
Database changes No
Download Template:WikimediaDownload/svn
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The TemplateAdventures extentions intends to recreate popular templates, such as Template:Citation/core on the English Wikipedia, in PHP rather than letting them use wikicode. The templates have become so powerful and big, that they are becoming extremely slow during purges. Up to 30 seconds in response time. That is simply not good enough.


Citation templateEdit

The {{citation/code}} replacement is known as {{#citation:}}.

The template works in much the same way as usual citation templates, with one noticeable exception: The first parameter is always used to define the type of citation. If none is given or the citation doesn't know the one given, 'default' is assumed. The citation type is used to define output formation, it does restrict the amount of input parameters.

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