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Release status: stable
Implementation Tag
Description A simple extension for rendering Scratch blocks.
Author(s) apple502j and Kenny2github
MediaWiki 1.17+
License MIT License
Example https://scratchblocks.github.io - A sample page for experimenting with the Scratchblocks syntax.
scratchblocks, sb

ScratchBlocks is an extension to display Scratch, a programming language created by MIT, in wiki blocks.



By default, only English Scratch blocks are rendered. Add more languages like so:

$wgScratchBlocks4Langs = ['ja', 'zh_TW'];

Note that the TW is preceded by an underscore, not a hyphen. This variable is accessible through JS mw.config.get("wgScratchBlocks4Langs")


There are two ways to create a snippet of Scratch blocks, which are nearly identical.

  • Use <scratchblocks> before and after your code to create a block level element displaying Scratch code.
  • To create an inline-block element (that will show in the middle of the paragraph), enclose the code in <sb> tags.
repeat (5)
  move (10) steps
say [Done!]
You can repeat Scratch code in a <sb>forever</sb> loop!

Both tags take a version attribute, whose default value is 3. If specified as 2, the tag will render its blocks in Scratch 2.0 style.

For information on how to write ScratchBlocks code, visit https://en.scratch-wiki.info/wiki/Block_Plugin/Syntax.

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