Rozšíření:Page Forms/Stažení a instalace

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Zdrojový kód Page Forms můžete stáhnout zabalený v .zip souboru:

Také si ho můžete stáhnout rovnou z repozitářů zdrojových kódů MediaWiki přes Git (viz dostupné tagy). Z příkazového řádku v adresáři rozšíření spusťte následující:

git clone

To view the code online, including version history for each file, see PageForms.

Not recommended

There are some additional ways to download Page Forms, which are not recommended:

  • Page Forms can be downloaded via the MediaWiki Extension Distributor, which lets you download any extension for any version of MediaWiki.

This not recommended because the code being downloaded represents a random snapshot in time, that could contain bugs that were fixed later - or, if the "development/trunk" version is used, it could conversely contain code that is too new, and hasn't been fully tested yet.

  • Page Forms is available via some Linux distributions, like Debian.

These should probably not be used, since their version of the software tends to be significantly out of date.


Once you have downloaded the code as a directory called PageForms in your extensions folder, you just need to add the following line to your LocalSettings.php file:

wfLoadExtension( 'PageForms' );

There are four Příručka:Uživatelská práva defined for Page Forms:

By default it is given to all members of the 'user' group.

  • 'editrestrictedfields' is the "permission" to edit restricted fields.

By default it is given to all members of the 'sysop' group.

  • 'multipageedit' is the "permission" to use the MultiPageEdit special page, which allows to edit multiple pages through a single spreadsheet-like interface.

By default it is given to all members of the 'user' group.

By default it is given to everyone (i.e, '*').

You can modify the set of users who have any of these permissions. For example, to have the "edit with form" tab show up only for administrators, you could add the following, below the inclusion of Page Forms:

$wgGroupPermissions['*']['viewedittab'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['viewedittab'] = true;


Page Forms can also be downloaded and installed using Composer. However, this is not a well-supported feature at the moment.

To install with Composer, add the following to your composer.local.json file:

  "require": {
    "mediawiki/page-forms": "^5.2.1"

More information about the package can be found on Packagist: mediawiki/page-forms