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PluggableAuth Icon.svg この拡張機能では、先に PluggableAuth 拡張機能をインストールする必要があります。
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リリースの状態: 安定
実装 利用者識別
説明 Allows authentication using Naylor Association Management Software (Timberlake)
作者 Jeffrey Wang for MyWikis LLC
メンテナー MyWikis LLC
最新バージョン 0.1.0
互換性ポリシー master は後方互換性を維持しています。
MediaWiki 1.31+
PHP 7.0+
データベースの変更 いいえ
ライセンス GNU 一般公衆利用許諾書 2.0
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The Naylor AMS extension extends PluggableAuth to provide authentication for organizations using Naylor Association Management Software (codename Timberlake).

This extension will take the username, first and last name, and email address of a user from your organization's Naylor database and create a local MediaWiki account with the same username, email, and full name if one doesn't exist; otherwise, if a user with the same username exists, it logs them back into the local MediaWiki account.


This extension requires the PluggableAuth extension to be installed first.

The PHP cURL extension is required for this MediaWiki extension.

  • Downloadして、ファイルをextensions/フォルダー内のNaylorAMSという名前のディレクトリ内に配置します。
  • 以下のコードを LocalSettings.php の末尾に追加します:
    wfLoadExtension( 'NaylorAMS' );
  •   完了 – ウィキの「Special:Version」に移動して、拡張機能が正しくインストールされたことを確認します。


For more information about these terms, please refer to the Naylor AMS API documentation.

The base URL for your login system, provided by Naylor. Do not add a trailing slash at the end of the string. (required)
The security key provided by Naylor. (required)
An array of strings, with each string containing a local username. Used to prevent login via SSO to local-only accounts. Case sensitive; needs to follow MediaWiki username conventions.

By default, the log in button says "Log in with Naylor AMS". To change the label, edit MediaWiki:Naylorams-loginbtn-text.


This extension is not maintained by Naylor, nor has it been sponsored by Naylor. It was written by and is maintained by MyWikis LLC for the purpose of serving its customers who use Naylor AMS.