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このAPIは、MobileFrontend拡張機能が提供していますが、 そうでなく私たちはMobile Content Serviceを優遇しています。 これらのAPIは自己責任で使用してください。 いずれ廃止予定とされ消される可能性があります(とはいえ十分にお知らせしてからです)。 使用している場合は、トークページであなたの懸念事項をお知らせください。


The noimages property was removed in 2019. See phab:T99009.


Delivers content optimized for mobile devices for use by mobile apps and dynamic section views. Almost like a restricted-functionality action=parse, but more flexible and returns separate sections that are always obtained from full-page parse.


page Title of page to process.
sections Pipe-separated list of section numbers for which to return text or all for all sections.
redirect Whether redirects should be followed, yes (default) or no. This parameter is intentionally made similar to the one to index.php .
prop Which information to get:
  • text: HTML of selected section(s)
  • sections: Information about all sections on page
  • normalizedtitle: Normalized page title, will be returned only if it differs from the specified one.
sectionprop What information about sections to get: pipe-separated list of value types defined by parser. It's the same as in action=parse: toclevel, level, line, number, index, fromtitle, anchor. "byteoffset" has been excluded as it makes no sense for this action.
noheadings Return HTML without headings.

Returned section information also includes the id for every section - its zero-based number; and for sections that contains references added by Cite , there's also references data member.


    "mobileview": {
        "sections": [
                "id": 0,
                "text": "<p>Hi<sup id=\"cite_ref-1\" class=\"reference\"><a href=\"#cite_note-1\">[1]</a></sup></p>"
                "toclevel": 1,
                "line": "This is first section",
                "id": 1
                "toclevel": 2,
                "line": "This is nested section",
                "id": 2
                "toclevel": 1,
                "line": "References",
                "id": 3,
                "references": ""

XML での同じリクエスト:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
      <section id="0" xml:space="preserve">&lt;p&gt;Hi&lt;sup id=&quot;cite_ref-1&quot; class=&quot;reference&quot;&gt;&lt;a href=&quot;#cite_note-1&quot;&gt;[1]&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/sup&gt;&lt;/p&gt;</section>
      <section toclevel="1" line="This is first section" id="1" />
      <section toclevel="2" line="This is nested section" id="2" />
      <section toclevel="1" line="References" id="3" references="" />