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Справка по расширениям MediaWiki
Graphical Category Browser
Статус релиза: стабильно
Реализация Служебная страница
Описание Графичечкий браузер для категорий
Автор(ы) Xypron
Последняя версия 1.9 (2022-12-25)
MediaWiki 1.35+
Лицензия GNU General Public License 3.0 или позднее

The Graphical Category Browser extension shows the interconnection of categories as a graph enhances navigability of the site.

What this extension does

  • A special page "Graphical Categories Browser" is added.
  • A graph is added on top of each category page showing the relationships to other categories.

Images are file cached. Cache control to match HTML and image output is supplied.


  • Download script and copy to extensions.
  • Correct $xyDotPath and $xyCategoriesCache to your needs.
  • Create directory images/xyGraphvizCache
  • Add the following line to LocalSettings.php

To change the design you may override entries in the following array:

$xyCategoryGraphStyle = array(
  "COLOR_NODE"          => "#EEEEEE", // color of category nodes
  "COLOR_NODE_ERROR"    => "#FF0000", // цвет внутренней ошибки
  "COLOR_NODE_REDIRECT" => "#FFCCCC", // color of redirected category nodes
  "COLOR_NODE_MISSING"  => "#FFFFCC", // color of missing category nodes
  "COLOR_LINK_REDIRECT" => "#FF0000", // цвет ссылок на перенаправления
  "HEIGHT"              => "1920",    // высота в пикселях (одна 96-я дюйма)
  "WIDTH"               => "768"      // ширина в пикселях (одна 96-я дюйма)