Gadgets 2.0Edit

Somewhere in there is also room for "gadget options" (which Salvatore started with; see phab:T110014). However I haven't been able to get back at that because other projects have a higher priority right now.

  • Centralized localisation (MediaWiki:-namespace, mw.msg(), RL2: Loading of extra messages for gadgets)
  • No more manual editing of gadgets definition, everything should have its GUI to change the underlying JSON definition
  • Gadget JS/CSS should still be stored on wiki pages
  • ResourceLoader-V2 plans to create a way for client modules to be registered (T29561?), perhaps via Gadgets (hide modules from view, but usable as a dependency), perhaps via Core (mw.loader.registerĀ ? )
  • Hidden gadgets

Gadgets 3.0Edit


  • Sites may want to enable a global gadget for everyone by default -> T15742 / rev:85902
  • Create ResourceLoader modules on-wiki to be shared between gadgets. Just like gadgets that have their modules, but are not available for people to select explicitly.

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