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External Data
发行状态: 稳定版
实现 解析器函数 , 特殊页面
允许使用和显示从不同来源所获取的值:外部URL和SOAP服务、本地维基页面和本地文件(CSV、JSON、XML 和其他格式)、数据库表、LDAP服务器和本地程序输出。
作者 Yaron Koren, Alexander Mashin 以及其他
最新版本 3.3 (2023年11月)
兼容性政策 master分支维持向后兼容。
MediaWiki 1.37+
Composer mediawiki/external-data
许可协议 GNU通用公眾授權條款2.0或更新版本
下載 參見:下载和安装
示例 包含从外部CSV文件获取的信息的页面
  • $wgSources
  • $wgConnectors
  • $wgAllowGetters
  • $wgIntegratedConnectors
  • $wgVerbose
  • $wgParsers
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External Data扩展允许MediaWiki页面从一个或多个来源中检索、过滤和格式化结构化数据。 这些来源包括外部URL和SOAP服务、常规维基页面、上传的文件、本地服务器上的文件、数据库、LDAP目录和本地程序输出。

该扩展定义了下列的parser functions

  • 数据检索和处理函数,用于设置本地变量,然后显示或存储这些变量:
  • In the Legacy mode the extension also defines data retrieval functions, which set local variables available with wikipage scope that can later be displayed using the above functions:
    • #get_external_data - retrieves data from various sources, thus replacing any of the below parser functions, and assigns it to variables that can be accessed on the page.
    • #get_web_data - retrieves CSV, GFF, JSON, YAML, XML, HTML, ini, or free-form data from a URL and assigns it to variables that can be accessed on the page.
    • #get_soap_data - retrieves data from a URL via the SOAP protocol.
    • #get_file_data - retrieves data from a file on the local server, in the same formats as #get_web_data.
    • #get_db_data - retrieves data from a database.
    • #get_ldap_data - retrieves data from an LDAP server.
    • #get_program_data - retrieves data returned by a program run server-side.
    • #get_inline_data - parses data passed to it, in the same formats as #get_web_data.
    • and also #clear_external_data that erases the current set of retrieved data or only some variables.

It also defines a Lua function mw.ext.externalData.getExternalData that retrieves data and returns it as Lua table.

In the Legacy mode, the following additional Lua functions are also defined (there is one-to-one correspondence between parser functions retrieving data and Lua functions evident from their names):

  • mw.ext.externalData.getWebData
  • mw.ext.externalData.getFileData
  • mw.ext.externalData.getDbData
  • mw.ext.externalData.getSoapData
  • mw.ext.externalData.getLdapData
  • mw.ext.externalData.getProgramData
  • mw.ext.externalData.getInlineData

In tag emulation mode, the wiki site administrator can define additional parser tags.

This version of the External Data extension requires MediaWiki 1.37+.

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