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Einbindung API
Beschreibung Exposes event stream config in an API endpoint. Can also be used to expose configs via ResourceLoader
Autor(en) Andrew Otto (OttomataDiskussion)
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MediaWiki >= 1.42
Composer mediawiki/event-stream-config
Lizenz GNU General Public License 2.0 oder neuer
Hilfe Help:Extension:EventStreamConfig/de

  • wgEventStreams
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The EventStreamConfig extension is a utility extension that provides library functions and an API endpoint for exporting event stream configuration, using the variable $wgEventStreams. It does not directly provide any user functionality; rather, it provides code used by other extensions and services. Other software that uses this extension includes:

  • The EventLogging extension - used to load configs for streams used on certain pages to dynamically configure client stream settings, like sampling rate.
  • The EventBus extension - used to figure out which event intake service a given stream should be produced to.
  • The EventGate service - used to ensure that only events of a specific schema title are allowed into a stream.
  • Mobile apps - API endpoint is used to dynamically configure client stream settings like sample rate.

For more information on EventStreamConfig and how to use it, see Hilfe:Erweiterung:EventStreamConfig .