MediaWiki extensions manual
Release status: unmaintained
Implementation Media, Hook
Description Adds the jQuery Extension DataTables to MediaWiki
Author(s) Daniel Renfro, Allan Jardine (DanielRenfrotalk)
Latest version 1.2 (2014-05-20)
MediaWiki 1.17.0+
PHP 5.2.3+
License Apache License 2.0

Adds the DataTables extension for jQuery to MediaWiki using the ResourceLoader. This extension is a thin wrapper around the jQuery library written by Allan Jardine; it is meant to provide the DataTables library for developers and is not intended to be a feature for wiki-users to use.



To use this library in your custom MediaWiki extension, define ext.datatables as a dependency when registering your ResourceLoader module. That's it! MediaWiki will take care of the rest. You can go ahead and use the library right away. Like so:

$myResourceLoaderModule = array(
	'scripts'      => 'js/ext.myExtension.js',
	'styles'       => 'css/ext.myExtension.css',
	'dependencies' => array(
                // other javascript libraries...

You can then have your JavaScript call datatables using the typical call:

 $( '#example' ).dataTable();

Please see the excellent documentation of DataTables at http://datatables.net/. There are many examples and this code is quite flexible.



You can install this extension by cloning the Github repository or by downloading a ZIP file from Github and installing it manually. (See below.) Once you have the code in place, add the following to LocalSettings.php :

# DataTables
require_once "$IP/extensions/DataTables/DataTables.php";



From the command-line, clone the github repository into your extensions/ directory, like so:

$ git clone https://github.com/bluecurio/mediawiki-extension-datatables extensions/DataTables

If you don't have git installed on your computer, please follow the following directions:

  1. Browse to https://github.com/bluecurio/mediawiki-extension-datatables
  2. Find the button that says "Download ZIP" and click it
  3. Download the ZIP file and put it on your computer in your Mediawiki's extensions/ directory
  4. Unzip it
  5. Rename the folder to DataTables

More documentation


The https://datatables.net/ website is a wonderful resource for learning to use the jQuery library. I highly recommend having a look at the examples and reading through the configuration settings.