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Manuel des extensions MediaWiki
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État de la version : stable
Implémentation Base de données , Extraction de données, Page spéciale
Description Ajoute des pages spéciales pour visualiser et attribuer les marqueurs de comptage
Auteur(s) WikiMANNia (WikiForMendiscussion)
Dernière version 0.5.0 (2022-10-04)
MediaWiki 1.35+ (REL1_35 branch)

1.25-1.35 (REL1_25 branch)

1.23-1.35 (REL1_23 branch)
PHP 5.6+
Modifie la base
de données
Tables countingmarker_author
Téléchargement Aucun lien
Exemple vgwort.wikimannia.org/Special:CountingMarker
  • $wgCountingMarkerStatus
  • $wgDefaultCountLimitVGWort1
  • $wgDefaultCountLimitVGWort2
  • $wgDefaultCountThreshold1
  • $wgDefaultCountThreshold2
  • $wgDefaultTextLengthVGWort1
  • $wgDefaultTextLengthVGWort2
  • $wgDefaultTextThreshold1
  • $wgDefaultTextThreshold2
  • $wgDefaultServerSubdomain
  • $wgVgwortServerSubdomains
  • $wgVgwortStatusCategories
  • $wgVgwortURL
  • $wgContactURL
  • $wgDefaultBatchSize
  • $wgExportPagelistLimit
countingmarker_admin, countingmarker_assign, countingmarker_import, countingmarker_report, countingmarker_save, countingmarker_statistic

L'extension CountingMarker offre une fonctionnalité permettant de monétiser un wiki avec la Verwertungs­gesellschaft Wort (société de gestion des droits d'auteur).


Anyone who is a member of the Verwertungs­gesellschaft Wort (Copyright collective) and operates a wiki faces several problems when they want to participate in the METIS programme, i.e. registering their online texts for monetization.

METIS stands for „Meldesystem für Texte auf Internet­seiten“ (“Reporting System for Texts on Internet Pages”). VG Wort requires a minimum length of the texts as well as a minimum number of article views (“hits”), which must be proven by the installation of “counting pixels” on the article page. For the installation of these pixels you can order “counting markers” from VG Wort, each of which consists of a set of public and private keys and a URL to a counting pixel on a VG Wort server.

A snippet of HTML code on how to include this counter in an HTML page is included. For web pages from the 1980s, which consisted of self-made HTML pages, it is a simple matter to insert this HTML code via copy and paste into the HTML code of the page. But how can these counters be integrated into modern content management systems, which in a very complex way assemble the pages finally delivered to the reader from database queries, templates and skins?

This task, as well as the administration of the counter marks, the assignment of the counter marks to the articles and the annual report to VG Wort are part of the functional scope of this enhancement.


  • Téléchargez et placez le(s) fichier(s) dans un répertoire appelé CountingMarker dans votre dossier extensions/.
  • Ajoutez le code suivant à la fin de votre fichier LocalSettings.php  :
    wfLoadExtension( 'CountingMarker' );
  • Exécutez le script de mise à jour qui va créer automatiquement les tables de base de données dont cette extension a besoin.
  •   Fait – Accédez à Special:Version sur votre wiki pour vérifier que l'extension a bien été installée.

Depuis MediaWiki 1.25, l'extension HitCounters devrait être installé pour utiliser la gamme complète de fonctions. However, there is a basic version in which the HitCounters extension is not required.


L'extension a été essayée avec MediaWiki 1.23, 1.25, 1.27, 1.31, 1.33, 1.35.5, 1.36.3, 1.37.1.


Cette extension est distribuée avec "de", "en", "es".

Functional scope of the versions
Function Basic version Single-author version Multi-author version
Upload counting markers from CSV file      
Manage counting markers and assign to articles      
Change assignment of counting markers      
Create annual report      
<novgwort> tags supported      
Test mode      
Statistical functions
(in connection with the extension “HitCounters”)
Save and archive count readings      
Extrapolate page views up to the end of the year      
Switch off the counting markers individually      
Block counting markers      
Author management (assign articles and counting markers to an author)      
Assign contribution type
(draft, article, poetry)

Historique des versions

Version 0.2.0
MediaWiki v1.23-1.33
First public release
Version 0.3.x
MediaWiki v1.25+
Remove compatibility stuff for MediaWiki before v1.25.
Version 0.2.2/0.3.2
Export function for the annual report added.
Version 0.2.3/0.3.3
Multi-author support added und user groups with individual rights defined.
Version 0.2.4/0.3.4
Stuff around lazy loading and the code-snippet of the counting marker.
Version 0.2.5/0.3.5
Compatibility stuff for MediaWiki v1.35.
The entry Number of articles can be corrected in the MediaWiki database.
Version 0.2.6/0.3.6
MediaWiki v1.25+ (v1.23+)
add Hook SkinBuildSidebar
Version 0.3.7
MediaWiki v1.35+
add Hook SkinAddFooterLinks, remove Hook SkinTemplateOutputPageBeforeExec
Version 0.4.0
MediaWiki v1.35+
Adaptations regarding MediaWiki 1.37.
Author can select his articles in the statistics table.
Version 0.5.0
Add a <novgwort> tag.


Autres problèmes

There are minor issues, for example the sum of the hits of all articles in v1.25 and v1.27 is displayed incorrectly. However, since this only affects additional statistical information, which does not affect functionality, this is not a problem.

If you run a Manuel:Famille de wikis and manage the extensions centrally (via soft links), you have the problem that the Scripts de maintenance of this extension are not found. Currently, to solve this problem, these maintenance scripts can be copy & paste into the maintenance folders of the MediaWiki installations.

Compatibilité arrère

This branch (current version 0.4.0) is compatible up to MediaWiki 1.35+.
Version $1 est pleinement compatible avec des versions antérieures jusqu'à MediaWiki 1.24, et avec l'exception d'une fonction d'aider même compatible avec MediaWiki 1.23.
This branch (current version 0.4.0) is compatible up to MediaWiki 1.35+.
Removed backward compatibility with versions prior to MediaWiki 1.25.0 is removed.
This branch (current version 0.4.0) is tested up to MediaWiki 1.37.1.
Removed backward compatibility with versions prior to MediaWiki 1.35.0 is removed.

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