MediaWiki extensions manual
Release status: unmaintained
Implementation User interface
Description This extension provides an avatar system that can be used for other extensions
Author(s) Gary Guo (Nbdd0121talk)
Latest version 1.0.0 (2016-05-24)
MediaWiki 1.25+
Database changes No
License BSD 2-clause "Simplified" License
$wgDefaultAvatar, $wgAllowedAvatarRest, $wgMaxAvatarResolution, $wgDefaultAvatarRes
avatarupload, avataradmin
Not to be confused with Extension:Avatars.

Avatar - Yet another avatar architecture for MediaWiki. This extension provides an avatar system that can be used for other extensions.


  • Install php-gd, which is a dependency of this extension
  • Clone the respository, rename it to Avatar and copy to extensions folder
  • Add wfLoadExtension('Avatar'); to your LocalSettings.php
  • You are done!


  • $wgDefaultAvatar (string), should be set to the URL of the default avatar.
  • $wgAllowedAvatarRes (array), default value is array(64, 128). Thumbnails will be created upon request when their size is in this list.
  • $wgMaxAvatarResolution (integer), default value is 256. This limits maximum resolution of image to be uploaded.
  • $wgDefaultAvatarRes (integer), default value is 128. This is the fallback option if resolution is not specified.
  • You can set user rights:
    • avatarupload: User need this right to upload ones' own avatar.
    • avataradmin: User need this right to delete others' avatars.

How to use

  • Users can upload avatar in their preference
  • Sysops or other users with avataradmin right can delete avatar via Special:ViewAvatar
  • A new entry point for MediaWiki is added, $wgScriptPath/extensions/Avatar/avatar.php?user=username will be redirected to user's avatar.
  • You can also set alias for this php to make it shorter.
  • If you are using Gadgets
    • If you want to display the avatar on the top-right navigation bar, you may find Gadget-ShowAvatar in example folder useful.
    • If you want to display avatars before user link, you may find Gadget-UserLinkAvatar in example folder useful.

Detailed API

  • Uploading Avatar: No API provided yet, but one can post to Special:UploadAvatar (or its localized equivalent). The only form data required is avatar, which should be set to the data uri of the image.
  • Displaying Avatar: This extension provides an entry point for MediaWiki avatar.php. This entry point produces result via a 302 redirect. This approach is used to maximize performance while still utilizing MediaWiki core. There are currently 4 available arguments.
    • user set to the user of who you want to enquery the avatar.
    • res the preferred resolution of the avatar. Note that this is only a hint and the actual result might not be of the resolution. This parameter is valid only if `user` is set.
    • ver a version number which will be appended to the location field of redirection. Can be used to circumvent browser/CDN cache.
    • nocache if this parameter is set, then no `cache-control` header will be emitted.