Engineering Community Team/Meetings/2013-11-19


Last week

  • FOSDEM: Erik Moeller's main track proposal "The Wikipedia Stack" has been accepted. No public page yet. Dimitar submitted an application for a Wikimedia stand.
  • Quarterly review: all went well. QA volunteers' priority was demoted. Chris mentions that this decision is in sync with the prioritization of goals to be presented today in their quarterly review.
  • Google Code-in going well; tasks are being claimed and worked on. Quim says: some tasks have already been completed with patches in Gerrit, which is an argument we can use to convince developers to become mentors of coding tasks.
  • Bug 54985 - Set up SecurePoll poll on enwiki for Arbitration Committee elections fell between the cracks. It was "normal" when it was submitted but then nobody noticed until last week, and now it is "highest". Andre will think how to avoid that requests like this are missed.


  • Andre must update his quarterly reviews. The rest of quarterly / monthly goals is up to date.
  • Activity pages for ECT:
    • Andre to decide whether to add one for collaboration tools or rename Bug management, increasing its scope
    • Merge "Mentorship programs" and "Volunteer coordination and outreach" into "Outreach"
    • Create one for Upstream relations