EMWCon Spring 2019/Update on Some Internal Government Wikis

Update on Some Internal Government Wikis

Presenter     Peter Meyer
Event Enterprise MediaWiki Conference (EMWCon) Spring 2019
Length 15 minutes
Video Video-x-generic.svg

Outline planningEdit

One slide each:

  • Monthly Enterprise MediWiki meetings -- we invite more participation
  • Diplopedia - explanation, growth/change? update en.wp if possible
    • characterize sponsors and users and usage of each of these, if possible
  • Intellipedia (Peter needs to request update, Wired from 2017, update en.wp if possible)
  • Powerpedia - update, platform, templates, usage?
  • Statipedia RIP; backups, FOIA, some follow-on experiments at eedi
  • New: ITA wiki, NRC wiki starting up(more from its sponsors in lightning talks)
  • many other examples, e.g. DOL's
  • Gcpedia update? No
    • NITRD wiki -- OSTP/NITRD -- a range of interagency computing discussions, e.g. SPSQ, CSIA topics
Related efforts
  • Wikimedians in Residence, e.g.: at Smithsonian Natural History, NARA, CDC/NIOSH -- this contributes to the basic knowledge needed to get along on wikis which are really different from other federal platforms
    • code.gov -- no mediawiki projects yet but there's an ongoing effort to get US govt source code into the open-source mainstream
    • FCP CCS -- crowdsourcing discussions (crowdsourcing.gov? find platform)
    • something about VPAT effort? Clarifying differences with SharePoint wiki? Not time to include this