EMWCon Spring 2019/Update on Some Internal Government Wikis

Update on Some Internal Government Wikis

Presenter     Peter Meyer
Event Enterprise MediaWiki Conference (EMWCon) Spring 2019
Length 15 minutes

Outline planning edit

One slide each:

  • Monthly Enterprise MediWiki meetings -- we invite more participation
  • Diplopedia - explanation, growth/change? update en.wp if possible
    • characterize sponsors and users and usage of each of these, if possible
  • Intellipedia (Peter needs to request update, Wired from 2017, update en.wp if possible)
  • Powerpedia - update, platform, templates, usage?
  • Statipedia RIP; backups, FOIA, some follow-on experiments at eedi
  • New: ITA wiki, NRC wiki starting up(more from its sponsors in lightning talks)
  • many other examples, e.g. DOL's
  • Gcpedia update? No
    • NITRD wiki -- OSTP/NITRD -- a range of interagency computing discussions, e.g. SPSQ, CSIA topics
Related efforts
  • Wikimedians in Residence, e.g.: at Smithsonian Natural History, NARA, CDC/NIOSH -- this contributes to the basic knowledge needed to get along on wikis which are really different from other federal platforms
    • code.gov -- no mediawiki projects yet but there's an ongoing effort to get US govt source code into the open-source mainstream
    • FCP CCS -- crowdsourcing discussions (crowdsourcing.gov? find platform)
    • something about VPAT effort? Clarifying differences with SharePoint wiki? Not time to include this