EMWCon Spring 2017/Content is Architecture

Content is Architecture
EMW as a ChatBot to EPPO

Presenter     Lex Sulzer
Event Enterprise MediaWiki Conference (EMWCon) Spring 2017
Date and time
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This talk promotes EMW as an ideal platform for implementing the principles of "Every Page is Page One" (EPPO) based on the "Three-Ontologies-Method".

The talk is structured in three main parts:

  1. EPPO as a Prime Showcase for "Why EMW?"
    • Books vs the Web
    • Decision Support System: Style and Navigation
    • Subject Affinities (SA)
    • Faceting
  2. EMW Low- and High-Level Organization
    • Singleton Type, Role(s), Contexting, Actions, Irregular SAs, Reification, Keywording
    • Domain, Task and Top-Level Ontologies, LOD Integration
    • Inferred Terminological Ontologies
  3. Tools for Supporting EMW Design-Emergence/Management
    • Refactoring, Ontology Engineering
    • Commented Live Page Sources
    • Multi-Dimensional Cascade of Programmatic Page Selection Criteria
    • Programmatically Manage EMW Pages/Content/Wikitext and Metadata
    • Extract EMW Pages/Content/Wikitext and Metadata to YAML Files
    • Compare Pages/Content/Wikitext and Metadata between EMWs
    • Test EMW Ontologies