EMWCon Spring 2017/Building confidence in your wiki

Building confidence in your wiki

Presenter     Chris Koerner
Event Enterprise MediaWiki Conference (EMWCon) Spring 2017
Date and time

How to help people build trust in the wiki way. From comfort editing to trusting the content. How do you help the rest of the people in your group find their wiki way‽

Getting a wiki setup, and growing its use inside an organization, can some times be a challenge. How do you get more people to use your wiki and how do you become confident in talking about it to others? I'll cover a few various aspects, but I can't claim to know it all!

This session will be an experiment in an interactive presentation. The presenter humbly asks the audience to please think of the experiences you've had in proposing, starting, growing, and sustaining wikis. We'll come together to share notes to create a shared MediaWiki best practices guide.

A few questions to be covered:

  • What is "the wiki way"?
  • How to get others to embrace the wiki way?
  • How to sell the idea of wiki
  • How to setup a new wiki
  • How to grow an existing wiki
  • Why open-source?
  • Why MediaWiki?