Discovery/Status updates/2016-06-06

This is the weekly update for the week starting 2016-06-06


Events and News

  • Portal team added several files for the page:
  • Portal team launched a new A/B test for collapsing the long list of languages by article count
  • Analysis team finished research on how long a 'typical' session lasts on the portal
  • Analysis team helped with defining better data collection for the Search team's TextCat A/B test
  • Elasticsearch clusters for search have been upgraded to version 2.3.3 with almost no user impact (Translation memories were unavailable for a short period of time). This opens the way to new cool features!
  • Maps has launched for English Wikivoyage (demo)
    • The map can be made full screen, has layers, gets shown when clicking links in text
    • Lua is heavily used for geojson generation and conversion of the existing templates
    • Community has reported a large number of suggestions and bugs at the Traveller's pub
  • 3 new maps servers have been installed in EQIAD datacenter and are being configured

Other Noteworthy Stuff

Did you know?