Huat-tián tsìng-tshik

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The development policy defines how Wikimedia software is developed and maintained. This includes MediaWiki core, the bundled skins and extensions, as well as other skins and extensions that are deployed on Wikimedia Foundation wikis.

Ko tsuí-pîng

All Wikimedia engineering endeavors are guided by the Architecture principles.

Creation of new services that are external to MediaWiki, should follow the Services policy

Ūn-hîng-sî tsi-tshî

Changes to PHP support in MediaWiki core or components bundled with official MediaWiki releases, must follow the PHP tsi-tshî tsìng-tshik .

Tāi-bé sím-tsa

Privileged Gerrit users must follow the Gerrit privilege policy when exercising their +2 rights.

Si̍t-si tsìng-tshik

Changes to MediaWiki core that have impact on extensions must follow the Stable interface policy.

Sòo-kì-khòo tsâ-sûn hā kiat-kòo king-kái pit-su tsun-sûn MitiaUiki tsu-liāu-khòo tsìng-tshik .

PHP's built in serialization mechanism (the serialize() and unserialize() functions) should not be used for data stored (or read from) outside of the current process (RFC T161647). Tsham-ua̍t PHP tāi-bé iok-tīng ê siong-kuan pōo-hūn