Core Platform Team/PET Work Processes/PET Task Triage


The Task Triage Process is intended to ensure that all tasks that the PET owns are handled to ensure we meet our obligations to support the work of the Wikimedia Movement. There are two core functions that serve handling tasks that do not originate from one of the PET Initiatives: Task Triage meeting and the Clinic Duty team.

Task Triage MeetingEdit

Task Triage is a weekly meeting attended by PMs, EMs and Engineers currently on the Clinic Duty team. It has 3 core responsibilities:

  1. Ensure that all all tasks in the Inbox column of the #core-platform-team board are reviewed and handled based on the Triage Process
  2. Review Externally Blocked tasks and take action to move them along
  3. Review tasks that are in backlog columns to ensure they are correctly categorized, prioritized ordered based on the Task Guidelines

Meeting ProcessEdit

The meeting occurs on a weekly basis. At least one Engineer and one PM should attend. There is no designated meeting owner, instead work is done collectively. One person self nominates as facilitator, they open the #core-platform-team board and share their screen.

Once the Inbox column has been cleared, the group collectively selects one of the Initiative columns from the #core-platform-team board to work through and prioritise. The PET currently has a large amount of outstanding issues that need to be triaged and evaluated.

Triage ProcessEdit

For each task the team should:

  1. Determine the request and whether it is within scope for PET
  2. Ensure that the Task meets the PET Task Criteria
    1. Task is categorized
    2. Task has a priority
    3. Task description is clear and can be worked on
    4. Task has acceptance and/or testing criteria
    5. If possible Task is sized

Task AssignmentEdit

  • If the task is
    • Unbreak Now(UBN), it should be immediately moved to the Clinic Duty board ready column and Clinic Duty team should be notified
    • Work that should happen in a future sprint of the Clinic Duty Team it should be moved to the Clinic Duty board Next column
    • Not relevant to PET
      • A clarifying comment should be added
      • PET should be untagged
      • If possible the correct team should be tagged
    • Relevant but PET will not work on it then it should be declined with a clear reason
    • Relevant and useful but PET cannot or will not work on it should be moved to the #core-platform-team board Icebox column
    • Invalid, it should be marked Invalid with a clear reason