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Initiative Vision

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  • Allow Android users to pre-patrol each other's work before changing wiki content
Target Group(s):
  • Android
  • Android users
  • Wikimedia community content moderators
  • Mods: Reduce the number of unproductive edits from Android users
  • Android user: Easy method to review edits by other Android users before they are applied to the wikis
  • Android: Store edits in a queue instead of applying them directly
  • Android: Show users an edit for review
  • Android: Apply a reviewed edit
  • Data storage for edits before they are applied to wiki
  • API endpoint to save edits to the data storage
  • API endpoint to fetch the next edit in the queue
  • API endpoint to approve an edit and apply it to the wiki
  • API endpoint to reject an edit
  • Initially specific to Android but possibly reusable by other front ends
Aligned Goals:
  • (Platform Evolution) Software platforms with integrated machine learning, rich media, and structured data components, and associated tooling for internal and external development and reuse of code and content.
  • (Platform Evolution) Tooling for contributors is easy to use, well-documented, and accessible to users, increasing engagement and contribution.