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Open questions
Question Reason we're asking Responsible for the answer
What rate limit policies do other major API providers have? To figure out and justify our rate limit policies Evan
What formal or informal API rate limit policies does WMF have in place already? To make sure new rate limit policies don't conflict too much Evan
What initial rate limit classes should we have, and what should their rate limits be? To help with estimation and architecture of the solution Evan
Do we need soft limits as well as hard limits? Validate the assumption that we only need hard limits Evan
Is it OK to weight every API call equally? Balance simplicity for clients with resource management Evan
Is it OK to have a global rate limit, or do we need different limits for different APIs or endpoints Balance simplicity for clients with resource management Evan
Do we limit API calls by API key, or by developer account? Validate requirements Evan
How do we differentiate between APIs intended for public use versus those for private use? Validate requirements Evan
Do we use,, or something else? Validate requirements Evan
How long can and should we keep historical API usage data? Scaling for data storage Evan
What should the anonymous rate limit be? Validate requirements Evan
Can we do a first release without user story #14? Simplify implementation and launch policy Evan
Is the feeds API a good candidate for the initial release? Validate user story Evan
What are our criteria for choosing APIs to route through the gateway? Validate whether API-related user stories meet our criteria Evan
Which rate-limit header format should we use? Clearer interface definition Evan, Bill
What problems are people trying to solve? Eric, Bill
What software exists? Eric, Bill
What are the pros and cons? Eric, Bill
What are people doing at our scale? Eric, Bill
What are the lessons learned? Eric, Bill