Core Platform Team/Initiative/API Gateway/Initiative Vision

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  • Easier-to-use APIs, accessed and managed in a consistent way
  • Easier-to-create APIs, including support for cross-property and non-core APIs
  • Improved API stability, better able to withstand attacks and high traffic levels
Target Group(s):
  • Traffic
  • Product Infrastructure
  • Analytics
  • Internal developers
  • External developers
  • Search
  • our existing APIs require immersion in Wikimedia culture and use techniques unfamiliar to modern client developers
  • no satisfactory way to create cross-project or non-core APIs
  • no comprehensive way to protect our infrastructure from excessive API traffic
  • Single API domain at, with associated documentation
  • Ability to publish APIs regardless of implementation technology
  • Ability to limit rates across APIs, leveraging appropriate monitoring and authentication technologies
Aligned Goals:
  • Knowledge as a service
  • Increase ease and speed of feature development
  • Increase the stability of the platform