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This project will curate a selection of APIs and present them in a favoured service to make it easier for client developers to work with our systems.

Significance and Motivation

We have many different API endpoint and modes of access. We'd like to establish a best practice, recommended API framework that works as we want APIs to work in the future.


The outcome of this project will be a single virtual API service that developers can use for all their Wikipedia project needs.

Baseline Metrics
  • many APIs
  • different calling paradigms (RPC, REST, query, ...)
  • document-oriented datatypes
  • User-Agent for client IDs
  • Sessions for user IDs
Target Metrics
  • Increased OAuth 2.0 key registration by X%
  • Reduced 503 errors (service not available) by X%
  • More evenly distributed API traffic
  • Partnerships
  • Developer Advocacy
  • Product Infrastructure
  • SRE
Known Dependencies/Blockers
  • Epic 1 of the Core REST API, to have a basic document-level REST API available for all projects
  • OAuth 2.0 with client IDs (API keys)
  • availability of[mp]
  • developer portal