Core Platform Team/Goals/FY1920/Q1

Each quarter, members of the team can add goals below that support their development plans and the team. Everyone should have at least one of each type of goal they are working on at a time. You can have more than two if you like, but keep in mind that it is better to have fewer goals you can complete rather than a lot of goals that you might "half finish".

While not required, team members may use 10% time to work on these goals, or to put it another way, the output of your 10% can be these goals.


Professional Development Goal

This is a goal that is designed to help you build towards a larger goal of your career or professional growth. This can be about learning a new skill, helping you grow into a new role in the organization, or stretching yourself in ways such as public communication.

Team Goal

A goal that is designed to help you directly improve daily work for our team and teammates. As a team we are trying to focus on knowledge sharing, and this will always be a good basis for a team goal. You can also choose goals that are built around fixing/clarifying/documenting team processes or figuring out how to help others achieve their development goals (helps someone learn a new technical skill)

Writing a good goalEdit

You should try to write your goals using the SMART goal philosophy:

  • Specific - you know what the goal is
  • Measurable - you can tell when you have finished
  • Achievable - you can actually get it done
  • Relevant - you understand how it ties into your bigger goals (like your development plan, our knowledge sharing intuitive, our team mission, etc…)
  • Time-bound - you set a time for you to be done in order to to keep yourself accountable

Sharing backEdit

In addition to the above, you should always think about how you will share back with the team. This may be implicit for some goals (like giving a presentation), but for others you should think about how you will take what you learn and did and turn it into something for the team.


Who Type Goal How will you share this back? ETA Status
Will Team Goal Capture statistics related to Clinic Duty to determine impact and feedforward into future iterations. Will report back on metrics, outcomes and retros post each rotation. Will publish on Wiki. August   In progress
Will Team Goal UBN and Reactive work is triaged and response time is tracked Will report back on metrics around turned around time for these tasks. Will also look into surveying impacted teams. Will publish on Wiki. August   In progress
Will Professional Development Investigate available facilitation courses to use training stipend toward Will create a list of potential courses September   In progress
Will Professional Development Fix a bug in MW as part of Clinic Duty Will have merged a fix. September   In progress
Eric Team Goal Structured logging best practices/team standardization Document on-wiki; Seek comments (CPT email) September   In progress
Eric Professional Goal Attend Debconf Email(?) July   Done
Petr Team Goal Help kick off the learning sharing by getting to 'intern' for Daniel or in any other way Aug-Sep   In progress
Petr Professional Goal Figure out which professional conference I wanna go to more.   In progress
Brad Team Goal Share some knowledge: 1:1s, with the goal that Corey and I get positive feedback from the people I share with. Hopefully also a presentation or blog post. This goal is sharing. But also possibly a retrospective email of some sort. End of quarter-ish (more of a checkpoint than completion)   In progress
Brad Professional Goal Do the knowledge sharing above. Same as above. End of quarter-ish (more of a checkpoint than completion)   In progress
Daniel Team Goal Mentor Clara while she is writing her first MediaWiki extension. September
Daniel Professional Goal Write my first dockerized node.js web service. Make docker images and write node.js applications. September   In progress
Tim Team Goal Share knowledge by assisting team members who are less familiar with MediaWiki, by communicating with them in Phabricator and Gerrit. Team meetings September   In progress
Tim Professional Goal Stay up to date with PHP by reviewing the latest PHP RFCs and git commits Email report September   In progress
Marko Team Goal
Marko Professional Goal
Holger Team Goal Participate and contribute in Code Health Group. Share insights with team via summary emails Q1   In progress
Holger Professional Goal Finish LFS258 Kubernetes Fundamentals on Provide feedback to anyone interested whether I think the course is worthwhile July/Aug   In progress
Bill Team Goal
Bill Professional Goal
Cindy Team Goal Create two new visualizations of metrics measuring our work (e.g. Task Creation and Closure Report) Visualizations will be available on EOQ   In progress
Cindy Professional Goal Attend SMWCon and present on iconograhy. Presentation and video will be available after the conference. September   In progress
Kate Team Goal
Kate Professional Goal
Clara Team Goal Structured logging best practices/team standardization w/ Eric Document on-wiki September   In progress
Clara Professional Goal Take 1-2 CS classes If worthwhile document learning On-going   In progress
Corey Team Goal Document our pipeline and responsibilities in Mural. This will include enough clarity of responsibilities so that people know their roles in different parts of the pipeline (my target is at least at the "level" of meetings). Publish on Wiki (or link to from Wiki), Review with the team in our team meeting August   In progress
Corey Professional Goal
Evan Team Goal
Evan Professional Goal