Contributors/2017–18 Annual Plan/Parsing

WMF Annual Plan:

Program 3, Outcome 1, Objective 6: Support work towards unifying MediaWiki's parser implementations, in liaison with Technology's MediaWiki team [Audience J]

Work buckets

  • On-going maintenance
    • Parser(s) not breaking
    • Linter tweaks and new linter categories
    • Performance work
  • Short-term
    •   Hope to finish in FY2017–18: Language variants
    •   Hope to finish in FY2017–18: Image markup fixes in PHP parser
      • Includes addressing potential breakages of gadgets
    •   Hope to finish in FY2017–18: Section wrapping (stalled)
    •   Hope to finish in FY2017–18: Separation of data-mw (stalled)
    •   Hope to finish in FY2017–18: Modernise the Cite styling
      • Migrate from wikitext into CSS in commons.css on various wikis
      • Switch the Cite PHP implementation over to use CSS styling (stalled)
    •   Hope to finish in FY2017–18: HTML editing of template parameters (stalled on Editing team)
  • Medium-term
    •   Hope to finish in FY2017–18: Replace Tidy with RemexHtml
    • Support for section editing of HTML (stalled on Editing team)
    • Full parser equivalence
    • Balanced templates (stalled)
    • Improve Parsoid parse performance (required if we want to replace PHP parser with Parsoid) (stalled)
    • By July 2018: New / heredoc style syntax for multi-template content blocks ({{start}} {{row}}…{{row}} {{end}} style wikitext)
    • New parser API, replacing hooks (stalled)
  • Long-term (roadmap)
    • Move to adopt Parsoid as the primary MediaWiki wikitext parser
    • Make MediaWiki friendly to multiple parser implementations (stalled)
    • Migrate wikitext semantics towards a DOM-composition based processing model
    • Develop and promote specs
    • Evaluate feasibility of porting Parsoid to PHP (stalled)