Contributors/2017–18 Annual Plan/Editing

This is a rough priority list for the Editing Team in Contributors. Items higher up in the list are considered more important. Annual plans and priority lists are projections based on knowledge that is current at the time they are written. The plan can and will change as new information becomes available; for example, this plan will likely change due to information resulting from the New Editor Experiences research.

  1. Maintain existing functionality/security/etc conditions by responding appropriately to new bugs
    1. About 50% of staff time
  2. Single experience on mobile and desktop
    1. 2017 Wikitext Editor
    2. Mobile VE improvements
  3. VE on CX
    1. The absolute minimum to get VE working in CX
    2. All other work is out of scope
  4. Single Edit Tab
  5. VisualDiffs outside VE
  6. Language variant support (→ VE in Chinese/Kurdish/…)
  7. FUTURE WikiCite – move citations out of wikitext and into a structured storage
  8. Rich template parameters – parameters edited as raw wikitext in the visual editor; fixing this
  9. FUTURE Re-think / re-design the save process to maybe not be modal
  10. FUTURE One-time modal TOU/copyright acceptance
  11. FUTURE Move meta-data (title, DISPLAYTITLE, NOINDEX, categories, protection/deletion status, …) out of wikitext and into more structured storage for easier manipulation and searching – possibly dependent on multicontent revisions