James, Joel, Trevor


Determine what kind of Retro activities should the Editing department be doing.

  • Should we make changes in how we execute.
  • should we make process changes.
  • Use Phabricator reports and other evidence to evaluate and make decisions.
  • Assess other experiments (which?).
  • Address morale and staffing changes.
  • Assess people planning.

Context of Planning ExercisesEdit

Thinking about the possible planning meeting Editing department has in several dimensions:

  • Forwards (planning) vs Backwards (evaluation)
  • Internal to teams vs External (between team and others)
  • Existing processes vs processes worth considering
  • time scale: monthly, quarterly, annual, 5+ year


  • Quarterly: Jamboree (Editing Department)
  • Annual/beyond: team on-sites w/ad-hoc agendas. Nothing in Editing department


  • Quarterly Goals process
  • Annual Planning process
  • Strategy processes


  • Monthy, per-sprint, or other team retros (some teams)
  • No quarterly retro process in Editing department
  • No annual retro process


  • Quarterly reviews with posted slides

We should try and get all these on a timeline to clarify the overlaps and cycles.

What do we want to do differentlyEdit

  1. Do an FY2016 annual retrospective for Editing Department in early July 2016
  2. Do an FY2016Q1 quarterly retro in early Oct 2016
  3. Evaluate the retros and decide if we should do more

What kind of retro do we want to do?Edit

Some options ...

Focus Technique Use for
Input Chrono review

What went well/do differently

Output went well/do differently

Look at Phabricator reports

Come ready to discuss open questions

Do a survey

something like THC?

Outcomes metrics

strategy review


Next StepsEdit

  • Joel writes up notes
  • Trevor: set dates
  • Joel: lead getting the agenda set