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Deployment Plan



Deployment Component Day/Time People Involved Notes
cxserver Wednesday (PST)/Thursday (IST), Before CX deployment Kartik (kart_), Tech Ops (Alex K/Andrew/Fillippo mostly) See this
ContentTranslation extension updates Deployment train Release Team This can also be done by SWAT (for cherry-pick) if needed.
cxserver configuration As needed Kartik (kart_), Tech Ops Puppet config; In effect immediately.
MediaWiki config in Production As needed Kartik (kart_), Niklas (Nikerabbit) mediawiki-config

New Language pairs


As per the graduation plan and this plan may vary depending upon language pairs and possible complexity in languages and MT availability etc.

Steps Components Modified People Involved Days to complete (estimated)
Request received None; Request Triaged Runa/Amir/Pau 1
Possible language sources checked None Runa/Pau 1
Language specific adaptation cxserver & CX extension. See: checklist Developers 0-7
MT quality survey completed (applicable for languages with MT support) None Runa/Amir/Pau 3 (may vary depending on community response)
Configuration update on labs instance for users to test MT packages (applicable for languages with MT support)
cxserver config for language pair
Kartik/Niklas/TechOps 3–4 days
Testing period on Labs None Everyone 7 days
Announcement made on the Wikipedia VP/Community forum about projected deployment date None Runa 1 (to be done on the same day when testing period starts on Labs
Preparation for deployment on production instance Puppet config for new pair
mediawiki-config for deployment in new wiki (if needed) and schedule SWAT
Kartik/Tech Ops 3–5 days (to be completed by the last day of testing on Labs, if no major bugs are identified)
Deployment on Production instance mediawiki-config merged (with SWAT) and updated in the target wikipedia
Puppet config merged
Kartik/Tech Ops 2 days
Announcements made to the target Wikipedia None Runa 1 day (same as production deployment)
Update Analytics data/graph (Limn) Analytics. See: New language How-to Kartik/Niklas To be done along with Production deployment

Upcoming deployment

  • By "deployment" we mean "Deploy CX as a beta feature", not as a feature available for everybody.

Code and configuration changes



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  • Puppet:
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