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CX Deployment Plan for January 2015 edit

  • Project: Content Translation
  • Deployment date: Week of January 12, 2015
  • Initial Release: Released in Beta Labs environment (July 2014)
  • Past Releases: See: Archives
  • What is targeted for January 2015 release:
Content Translation 0.03 release:
  • Long-term project roadmap:
  • Language Pairs to be supported:
Target Wikipedia Sources (MT) Sources (without MT)
Catalan Spanish, Portuguese, English -
Spanish Catalan, Portuguese, English -
Portuguese Catalan, Spanish English
Danish - English, Swedish
Esperanto English -
Malay Indonesian English
Indonesian Malay English
Norwegian (Bokmål) Norwegian Nynorsk English
  • List of wikis to deploy Content Translation
    • cawiki
    • dawiki
    • eowiki
    • eswiki
    • idwiki
    • mswiki
    • nnwiki
    • nowiki
    • ptwiki
    • svwiki
  • Release as: Beta Feature

Overall Plan edit

This release is targeted to Production with 0.03 feature set.

System Architecture edit


Caching Architecture edit

The following diagram includes the caching requirements for the CX framework:

Components to be provisioned for production edit

cxserver edit

Content Translation service is puppetize and available in operations/puppet repository as "cxserver" module.

Primary setup instructions are at:

For detailed information about component, installation and configuation and instructions:

Apertium edit

Apertium service is puppetize and available in operations/puppet repository as "apertium" module.

Apertium service installation and configuration:

Node.js edit
Dictd edit

No additional configuration needed for the planned languages. In future, when we enable more languages, dictd based dictionaries or external dictionaries may get introduced- but not planned right now. See: for details.

Backend Services edit
Extension dependencies edit
  • BetaFeatures
  • CLDR
  • EventLogging
  • GuidedTour
External APIs called by CX edit
  • Wikidata
  • Parsoid API
Configuration Scripts edit

Provisioning Plan edit

a. Storage and Hardware Requirements

Service cluster A.
  • cxserver service hardware is ready. For ContentTranslation hardware measurement, we monitored Beta cluster at,
  • Apertium service hardware is ready. For Apertium hardware measurement, we monitored Beta cluster at,

b. Bandwidth Requirements

Service cluster A.
Tech Ops has indicated that cxserver/apertium instances will go into "Service cluster A" (ie )

d. Performance expectations


Monitoring and metrics edit

LE Team responsibilities edit

  • Kartik - Deployment, Engineer
  • Niklas - Engineer, Code Reviewer
  • Santhosh - Engineer, Code Reviewer
  • David - Engineer, Code Reviewer
  • Joel - Engineer, Code Reviewer
  • Runa - Team Scrum-Master / testing and communications
  • Pau - Feature UX reviewer, designer
  • Amir - Feature signoff

Timeline edit

Date Milestone People Involved Status
December 12, 2014 Beta-Feature Sign Off Amir, Greg, JamesF   Done
December 12, 2014 Hardware Availability for CX and other services Tech Ops, Kartik (LE)   Done
Within 7 days of HW procurement Puppet config preparation for cxserver and apertium service Kartik (LE)   Done
Within 10 days of HW procurement Database deployment Kartik (LE), Tech Ops   Done
January 5-8, 2015 MediaWiki config and CX extension deployment Kartik (LE), Niklas, Ops, Greg, <any others>   Done
January 5-12, 2015 Beta Feature security review Chris S/Joel S   Done
Week of January 12, 2015 Deployment as beta-feature completed on 8 target Wikipedias Kartik (LE), <any others>   Done
January 13-16, 2015 Beta-feature testing period LE team, <any others>   Done

Current Status edit

CX Deployment Plan for January 2015

Done edit

  • Hardware Availability for CX and other services.   Done
    • Started: 2014-11-10
    • cxserver hardware.
      • Ready as per Ops/Alex. Planned to host on Service Cluster A.
    • Apertium hardware from Ops.
      • Apertium instance is ready to go with Service Cluster A as per Alex/Kartik's estimation of CPU/RAM monitoring for Beta.
  • Varnish setup on Beta (and Production).
    • Started: 2014-11-19
    • Ticket:
    • Status:
      • Assigned to Alex.
      • deployment-sca-cache01.eqiad.wmflabs instance has been created (2014-11-25)   Done
      • Alex need to setup Virtual IP/instance to finalize VCL rules for Varnish on Beta.
  • Security review of Content Translation "Beta Feature"

In Progress edit

  • Testing!

To be started edit

  • None

Stalled edit

  • None