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October edit

31/10/2014 (Friday) edit

30/10/2014 (Thursday) edit

  • aperitum-apy is updated on Beta. Puppet doesn't update to new package version and this has to be done manually (ie in Beta, Kartik has to do this. Production, Ops will take care upon request).
  • Discussion with Alex regarding moving CX to production. Carved out story #4637 for that.

29/10/2014 (Wednesday) edit

23/10/2014 (Thursday) edit

  • Package of new apertium-apy based on co-ordination with upstream. See, db error we got on Log at,
  • Log at deployment-apertium instance is at, /var/log/upstart/apertium-apy.log (No longer in /var/log/apertium/)

21/10/2014 (Tuesday) edit

20/10/2014 (Monday) edit

  • All packages are merged.
  • Apertium puppet and CXServer puppet patches are updated.
  • Testing of Apertium puppet patch on deployment-apertium.
  • Created new instance: deployment-apertium02
  • Apertium Puppet patch merged by Alex.
  • Created proxy for Apertium instance:

1710/2014 (Friday) edit

  • Updated apertium-apy package (Use default port)
  • Updated Apertium puppet patch based on Alex's reviews.
  • All packages except apertium-apy are built and installed on
  • CXServer patches are merged (See updates of 14/10)

15/10/2014 (Wednesday) edit

  • More packages reviewed and merged by Alex.
  • Followup on other pending patches and updates.

14/10/2014 (Tuesday) edit

13/10/2014 (Monday) edit

10/10/2014 (Friday) edit

09/10/2014 (Thursday) edit

08/10/2014 (Wednesday) edit

07/10/2014 (Tuesday) edit

  • Packaging:
    • apertium-en-es (with tests from David's ticket to upstream)

06/10/2014 (Monday) edit

02/10/2014 (Thursday) edit

01/10/2014 (Wednesday) edit

  • Followup for CXServer Beta continue.
  • Co-ordination with Apertium upstream for apertium-lex-tools issue(s). Fixed.
  • Pushed apertium-lex-tools to Debian and Gerrit.
  • Updated packages for minor issues.
  • Followup on ca-es issues, packages will be updated after upstream declares fix.