This page is a translated version of the page Commit-message-validator and the translation is 50% complete.

commit-message-validator is a tool that validates commit messages to our commit message guidelines. Python 3.3 以降または 2.7 が必要です。 The preferred method of installation is to use a virtualenv and git hooks.

# Create a new virtualenv in the directory "cmv" in your home directory
cd ~
virtualenv cmv
# pypi からインストール
~/cmv/bin/pip install commit-message-validator
# Configure the git hook. You'll need to do this for every git repo you wish to run it on
cd /path/to/git/repository
~/cmv/bin/commit-message-validator install

# 最新リリースに更新するため
~/cmv/bin/pip install -U commit-message-validator

The git hook will run after you make the commit, and tell you about any errors you might have made so you can go back and amend your change.