Getting started with gitlab-ci edit

Here you will find some tips for getting started using gitlab-ci to test commits on your project hosted at

This is a supplement to the upstream documentation and the aim of this page is to cover differences and limitations specific to Wikimedia's GitLab CI environment.

Configuring your test pipelines: .gitlab-ci.yaml edit

You can configure the commands to run for your CI pipeline by creating .gitlab-ci.yaml at the root of your project repository. You can also create this file by using the web interface at

When using the web interface to create your CI configuration, you should be aware that the built-in templates that GitLab provides as examples for .gitlab-ci.yaml are not customized for the Wikimedia CI environment and will not work without some modifications. Specifically, you might have to change the Docker images used to run your jobs. Built-in templates point to images hosted on Docker Hub which might not be accessible to some Wikimedia CI runners (for example trusted runners). Instead you need to use images published on

Upstream / External Documentation & Resources edit