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Eclipse Zend version 3.2.0: Breakpoint debugging MediaWiki MimeMagic using xdebug
Eclipse Zend version 3.2.0: Breakpoint debugging MediaWiki MimeMagic using xdebug

minimum viable product and goalsEdit

communication planEdit

  • daily IRC check-in and weekly hangouts with mentors
  • plan to do a lot of community involvement by pinging interested parties as soon as a minimum viable product is available in a test environment
    • this is to find issue but also to make a better product by gathering feature requsts

lessons learned since 21 AprilEdit

  • issues are often more complex then they look like
  • while someone is doing code review, it's often good to have a means of real-time communication
  • evaluating different tools took a considerable amount of time
  • not so surprising as I am a longterm member:
    • there's a lot of setup work and helpful build services
    • the above doesn't always work
    • as well as deployment options like vagrant wmf-labs

setting up a working environmentEdit

Operating systemServerIDEperformancenotes
Vagrant/Ubuntu 12.x as a VBox guestLAMP- (you can presumably use vim) or just your preferred editor on the host system  OK patience requiredeasy to set up; however the roles-thing didn't work as expected; no clue about whether remote-debugging works
openSUSE 12.x as a VBox guestLAMP- (using kate)  OKeasy to set up if not even choosen LAMP during installation
Ubuntu 14.04 as a VBox guestLAMP- (using gedit)  OKeasy to set up (apt-get, ubuntu software center etc.)
Windows 8.1 as a VBox guest(W)AMPPSPHPStormToo slow.easy to set up; PHPStorm as autoated spell checker, spots errors etc. and break-point debugging; however you have to limit HDD bandwidth if you are not on SSD and want to be able to use your host system -- I guess it's related to windows installer post installation optimization services
Windows 7EasyPHP (WAMP)Eclipse (pdt)  OKeasy to set up; break-point debugging works fine; eclipse has several helpful plugIns [not fully tested all]; however image converts/scalers are not on-board on Windows: code style templates: php, js; Running PHP from CLI; CLI debugging; Important: Adjust the default char encoding. It should be UTF-8.