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The Bulk upload/zh category include pages which explain different ways a user can bulk upload files and media.

扩展 描述 发布状态 必要条件
扩充功能:上传精灵 Used on Wikimedia Commons 稳定版 MediaWiki 1.23+
Extension:MsUpload 允许用户上传多个文件,包括拖放文件。 稳定 1.32+
扩展:简单批量上传 将多个文件基本、简单地上传到MediaWiki 稳定 1.31+
Extension:PageProperties#File_upload Includes a fully-configurable multiple file upload with filename formula and CRUD operations Stable 1.35+
Commonist (external link to Wikimedia Commons) Requires file upload via api.php.
  • with python:
importImages.php "Place the files on the server in a readable location and execute the maintenance/importImages.php script from the command line."[1]

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