Bug management/Triage/20140909

Who: Anyone who is interested in UploadWizard, including you! No technical knowledge needed, no obligations! It's a nice and easy way to get involved in the community or to give something back. Step by, say hello, and give it a try! :-)

What: Bug Triage of some of the ~180 open UploadWizard bug reports and enhancement requests (full list of bug reports and enhancement requests) to update some of them and help the team setting priorities (see also stats on main issues).

When: Starting around 17:00 UTC Tuesday, September 09, 2014 for about two hours (Time Converter).

Where: #wikimedia-multimedia on Freenode IRC - You can use http://webchat.freenode.net if you don't have an IRC client. The Etherpad to document our progress is located at https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/BugTriage

Testing to take place on Beta Labs.

See also How to triage for general information.



  • 30 reports updated.
  • 16 reports closed.
  • 1 new report created.
  • Buglist down from 184 to 169 open reports.

Reports that got acted on / retested:Edit


  • Announcement to wikitech-l and commons-l a week before bugday
  • Reminder email to wikitech-l and commons-l one hour before bugday
  • Announcement on #wikimedia-commons when bugday started
  • NEXT TIME: Also announce on wiki pages / Village Pumps! (Andre forgot this, not good.)