BlueSpice/List of extensions

An official featurelist is provided at the BlueSpice page.

Distributed ExtensionsEdit

BlueSpice bundles numerous extensions. Many of them are written and maintained by Hallo Welt!. Besides this, there are a lot of great extensions from third-party developers part of the BlueSpice distribution. The current volume of the BlueSpice free and BlueSpice pro distributions are described at the official BlueSpice software catalogue.

Find pages of distributed extensions at

Extension Extension Category Description Free Edition Pro Edition
ArticlePreviewCapture Data analysis Creates preview images of wikipages for dynamic file dispatcher. x
Arrays Rich articles Creates an additional set of parser functions that operate on arrays and allows saving and using defined data series. x x
ArticleInfo Data analysis ArticleInfo shows last edits, responsible editors or categories at the top of the article. x x
Authors Data analysis Get an idea of the authors. At the bottom of every article you find the authors' pictures. x x
Auth remote user Infrastructure Automatically logs-in users using the REMOTE_USER environment variable x
Avatars Personalization Shows an individual avatar if someone isn't using a profile picture. x x
BlueSpiceAbout Administration Offers an information page, which is delivered with every edition of a BlueSpice MediaWiki distribution. x x
BlueSpiceDistributionConnector Infrastructure General interface between MediaWiki extensions and BlueSpice. x x
BlueSpiceDrawioConnector Infrastructure Connects Bluespice with Drawio for creating diagrams. x
BlueSpiceEchoConnector Infrastructure Interface between BlueSpice and the extension echo. x x
BlueSpiceEditNotifyConnector Infrastructure Provides an interface between BlueSpice and the extension EditNotify. x x
BlueSpiceFoundation Infrastructure Makes MediaWiki enterprise ready x x
BlueSpiceVisualEditorConnector Administration Connects BlueSpice with VisualEditor x x
Bookshelf Book Combine article collections to books with chapter navigation. x
BookshelfUI Book Administration interface for books. x
Bootstrap Infrastructure Provides the Bootstrap framework in the wiki. x x
CategoryCheck Infrastructure Validity check for categries when creating a search field x
CategoryManager Content structuring Administration interface for categories. x
CategoryTree Content structuring It provides a dynamic view of the wiki's category structure (main catgeories and sub-categories) as a tree. x x
Checklist Rich articles Insert checkboxes and checklists for task management. x x
Cite Rich articles Use footnotes to describe further details. x x
CiteThisPage Infrastructure Creates a special page with different citation formats. x x
CodeEditor Editor Syntax-highlighted editing for JavaScript and CSS pages using Ace editor. x x
ConfigManager Administration Offers the possibility to admins, to configurate the whole wiki from a single SpecialPage. x x
ConfirmEdit Security Captcha methods to protect the wiki from spambots and other automated tools from editing your wiki, as well as to foil automated login attempts that try to guess passwords. x x
BlueSpiceContextMenu Search and navigation Provides context menus for various links. x x
CookieWarning Security Provides a notice at the top of the page about cookies. x x
BlueSpiceCountThings Infrastructure Provides special tags to allow statistical analysis. x x
BlueSpiceDashboards Reporting Individual overview of what is going on in the wiki. x x
DrawioEditor Rich articles Integration of diagrams. x
Duplicator Administration Simple duplication of articles. x
DynamicPageList3 Reporting Allows wiki users to create a list of pages that are listed in a set of categories. x x
Echo Infrastructure Notification-System that allows users to control how their notifications are handled, read, and deleted. x x
EditNotify Quality assurance Special notifications when creating / editing articles. x x
EmbedVideo Rich articles Integrate videos from external sources. x x
BlueSpiceEmoticons Rich articles Certain signs become Icons :-) x x
ExtJSBase Infrastructure Adds the GPL version of Sencha Inc. ExtJS Rich Internet Application Framework. x x
ExtendedFileList Document management Sortable and filterable list with meta data for uploaded files. x
FilterableTables Rich articles Provides a filterable content tables. x
BlueSpice ExtendedSearch Search and navigation Full-text search in articles and files via Lucene-powered Solr. Other features are faceting, fuzzy search, spellchecker and sorting of results. As well there is a search-as-you-type (while typing the wiki proposes search items) and auto-complete functionality. x x
BlueSpiceExtendedStatistics Reporting Illustrate activities in the Wiki with diagrams. x x
External Data Infrastructure Allows retrieving structured data from external URLs, databases and other sources. x
Expiry Quality assurance Pages can be marked as expired. x
ExportTables Export Export wiki tables to excel. x
FilterSpecialPages Search and navigation Inserts a field in Special:Specialpages to provide a search function. x x
Flagged Revisions Quality assurance Mark versions of articles and approve a stable page version. x
FlaggedRevsConnector Infrastructure Connector between FlaggedRevs and BlueSpice. x
Gadgets Infrastructure Provides a way for users to pick JavaScript or CSS based "gadgets" that other wiki users provide. x x
BlueSpiceGroupManager Administration Looking for an easy way to control users‘ access rights? Our Group Manager allows you to set up a finely tuned rights structure. x x
Header Tabs Rich articles Use of header tabs in the table of contents. x
HideTitle Rich articles With this variable you can hide the page title. x x
Hit Counters Reporting Hit count functionality. x x
ImageMap Search and navigation One image, many links. You can hyperlink areas of the image to multiple destinations. x x
ImageMapEdit Create image maps in the browser. x x
InputBox Content structuring Users can "complete" a form (entering text, selecting menu items, etc.) by entering text into the box. x x
BlueSpiceInsertCategory Editor See a category overview and create or delete categories. x x
BlueSpiceInsertFile Editor Insert files without wiki code. Attach a file to wiki article and link it in the text. x x
InsertImage Editor Insert images without wiki code. You can access the upload dialog via a button next to the formatting functions in the article. Look in the gallery for files that have already been uploaded. x x
BlueSpiceInsertLink Editor Insert links without wiki code. You can access the upload dialog via a button next to the formatting functions in the article. Link to wiki pages, pages in the www or elsewhere. x x
BlueSpiceInsertMagic Editor Helps you integrating wiki tags and MagicWords. It also shows descriptions and explanations. x x
BlueSpiceInsertTemplate Editor Provides a dialog interface to add and modify templates in edit mode. A preview can be shown. x
Interwiki Administration Adds the "Special:Interwiki" page to MediaWiki, to view and edit the interwiki table. x x
Lingo Content structuring Provides hover-over tool tips on pages from words defined on the Glossar page. x x
BlueSpiceInterWikiLinks Administration You can insert short names for links to other Wikis or URLS. x x
LatexRenderer Rich articles shows math formulas by rendering LaTeX markup. x
LDAP Authentication Infrastructure Allows authentication against a LDAP resource. x
LDAP Authorization Infrastructure Allows group based authorization against a LDAP resource. x
LdapGroups Infrastructure Allows user group syncronization with a LDAP resource. x
LdapProvider Infrastructure Provides a common infrastructure to connect to a LDAP resource and run queries against it. x
LdapUserInfo Infrastructure Allows to synchronize user information and preferences with a LDAP resource. x
LocalisationUpdate Infrastructure Keeps the localized messages as up to date as possible. x x
LocalisationUpdate Infrastructure Keeps the localized messages as up to date as possible. x x
Maps Rich articles Geographic data be displayed interactively in the wiki with dynamic JavaScript based mapping APIs like Google Maps, OpenStreetMap und OpenLayers. x
MultimediaViewer Rich articles Additional way of viewing pictures in the wiki. x x
MultiUpload Administration Provides batch uploading of files. x
BlueSpiceNamespaceCss Skinning Create different designs for different namespaces. x x
BlueSpiceNamespaceManager Administration Define areas with specific writing or reading rights. x x
NativeSvgHandler Infrastructure Display of grafics in SVG format. x
NSFileRepo Document management Provide namespace based features to uploaded files. x
NSFileRepoConnector Infrastructure Interface between BlueSpice and the extension NSFileRepo. x
Nuke Administration Is somebody creating spampages? Nuke makes it possible for sysops to mass delete pages. x x
OATHAuth Inrastructure Provides authentication support using HMAC based one-time passwords. x x
OpenLayers Infrastructure Basic library for the grafical representation/chart of semantic data. x
BlueSpicePageAccess Security Restrict the read permission for single articles. x x
BlueSpicePageAssignments Quality assurance Assign users or usergroups to pages. x x
Page Forms Content structuring Allows users to add, edit and query data using forms. x
PageImages Infrastructure Collects information about images used on page. x
Page Schemas Infrastructure Defines the data structurefor all pages in a category using XML. x
BlueSpicePageTemplates Content structuring Content of new sites can be structured before writing which is helpful for product descriptions or customer information. x x
BlueSpicePagesVisited Personalization You visited a page and want to see it again? PagesVisited lists the pages you have visited recently. x x
ParserFunctions Rich articles Enhances parser with logical functions makes a text a separate paragraph, with < br / > after every line, i.e., it suppresses reformatting of a single newline to a blank space. x x
ParserHooks Infrastructure OOP interface for creating parser hooks in a declarative fashion. x
PdfHandler Rich articles Shows ploaded Pdf files in a multi-page preview. x x
BlueSpicePermissionManager Administration Easy administration of the rights management. e.g. you can delegate special rights to groups. x x
PHPExcel Infrastructure Utility extension for exporting wiki tables to Excel. x
Player Rich articles integrates a HTML video player. x
PluggableAuth Infrastructure Provides framework for pluggable authentication and authorization. x x
Poem Rich articles Inserts automatic line breaks in poems, using MediaWiki’s Poems analytics. x x
Popups Search and navigation Displays previews when the user hovers over a page link. x
QrCode Mobile Displays a QR code with a link to the current page in the toolbar. x x
Quiz Rich article Allows to create your own Quiz. x x
Rating Communication Enables to rate articles with up to five stars. x
ReadConfirmation Quality assurance Ask for confirmation that an article was read by certain users. x
Readers Data analysis Get to know who has visited a page. x x
Reminder Quality assurance Create remeinders for articles. x
Renameuser Administration Enables renaming user accounts. x x
Replace Text Administration Allow administrators to do a global string find-and-replace on both the text and titles of the wiki's content pages x x
BlueSpiceReview Quality assurance Set up editing and sign-off routines using workflows. x
ReviewExtended Quality assurance With this workflow tool, users can start a review process of single articles by several users. x
RSS Rich articles Display RSS feeds on a wiki page. x x
RSSFeeder Reporting Subscribe to changes in sites, categories, namespaces or recent changes. x x
SaferEdit Infrastructure Intermediate saving of wiki edits. x x
Scribunto Infrastructure Lua as script language for templates. x
Semantic Breadcrumb Links Data analysis Build navigation elements based on semantic information. x
Semantic Compound Queries Data analysis A parser function that displays multiple semantic queries at the same time x
Semantic Extra Special Properties Data analysis Adds some extra special properties to all pages. x
Semantic Internal Object Data analysis Setting of internal objects in Semantic MediaWiki x
Semantic MediaWiki Data analysis Working with metadata. x
Semantic Result Formats Rich articles Additional result formats for Semantic MediWiki queries. x
Semantic Scribunto Infrastructure A Semantic MediaWiki extension to natively support the Scribunto extension. x
SignHere Rich articles Adds a tag to a wiki page, that allows to let thos page being signed quickly and easily. x
SimpleSAMLphp Infrastructure Provides authentication using SimpleSAMLphp in conjunction with PluggableAuth . x x
BlueSpiceSmartList Reporting Get notified when changes are made on pages, in categories or in namespaces. x x
BlueSpiceSMWConnector Infrastructure Integrates SemanticMediaWiki into BlueSpice. x
Social Administration Base extension for social extensions. x
SocialArticleActions Communication Adds basic article action entries to BlueSpiceSocial. x
SocialBlog Communication Blog entity for BlueSpiceSocial. x
SocialComments Communication Comment functionality for BlueSpiceSocial. x
SocialGroups Communication Adds group entities and functionality to BlueSpiceSocial. x
SocialMicroBlog Communication Microblog functionality for BlueSpiceSocial. x
SocialProfile Communication Profile entity for BlueSpiceSocial. x
SocialRating Communication Rating functionality for BlueSpiceSocial entities. x
SocialResolve Communication Resolve functionality for BlueSpiceSocial entities. x
SocialTags Communication Adds tagging functionality to social entities. x
SocialTimelineUpdate Communication Update functionality for BlueSpiceSocialTimeline. x
SocialTopics Communication Topic and discussion entities for BlueSpiceSocial. x
SocialWatch Communication Watch-functionality for BlueSpiceSocial-entities. x
SocialWikiPage Communication WikiPage entity and functionality for BlueSpiceSocial. x
SpamBlacklist Security Create and manage blacklists based on URL patterns. x x
SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi Rich articles This extension adds the < syntaxhighlight > tag to present formatted source code. x x
TagSearch Rich articles Integration of a configurable search field. x
TagCloud Infrastructure Visualize a category overview graphically and in 3D. x x
TemplateData Content structuring Implement data storage for template parameters (using JSON). x
TemplateExtracts Rich articles Provides plain-text or limited HTML extracts of page content. x
TemplateSkins Skinning Implement per-template style sheets x x
TitleBlacklist Security Black- and whitelist to forbid creating new articles and user accounts. x x
TitleKey Infrastructure Title prefix search suggestion backend. x x
TwoColConflict Editor Showing a side-by-side edit merge screen for edit conflict resolution. x x
BlueSpiceUniversalExport Export Export single articles as PDFs. x x
UEModuleBookPDF Book Export books to PDF format. x
UEModulePDF Export This is a module for the UniversalExport enables the outlay in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). x x
UEModuleDOCX Export Export an article to DOCX format. x
UEModuleHTML Export Export an article to HTML format. x
UEModulePDFRecursive Export Export an article and included links to PDF format. x
UEModulePDFSubpages Export Export an article and subpages to PDF format. x
UEModuleTable2Excel Infrastructure Utility extension for the integration of the table export into UniversalExport. x
UsageTracker Reporting Statistics on the use of features (anonymous for development reasons). x x
UserFunctions Administration Provides a set of dynamic parser functions that trigger on the current user. x x
UserInfo Search and navigation Provides flyouts with user informations for user images and links. x
BlueSpiceUserManager Administration User, permissions, passwords - the admin rules the users. And you can search for certain users in this dialogue. x x
UserMerge Administration Merge several users into one account x x
BlueSpiceUserMergeConnector Infrastructure Provides an interface between BlueSpice and the exention UserMerge. x x
UserSidebar Personalization You focus on specific pages? You can link them in the navigation. With BlueSpice you can compile a navigation in a personal sidebar. x x
Validator Infrastructure Wrapper for the ParamProcessor library. x
Variables Rich articles Introduces parser functions for dealing with dynamic variables. x x
VisualEditor Editor With this editor you can easily edit articles. It’s similar to a text processing program, so you don’t need wiki code. x x
VisualDiff Quality assurance Enables users to easily compare two versions of an article with just a few clicks. x
WatchList Reporting Adds a watchlist widget and tag. x x
WebDAV Document management Adds a WebDAV endpoint that exposes the wiki content. x
WebDAVClientIntegration Document management Allows opening files from the browser directly in the client application (Requires WebDAV). x
WebDAVMinorSave Document management Enables saving minor changes (Needs WebDAV). x
WhoIsOnline Rich articles Now you know who’s online in the Wiki. x x
Widgets Rich articles Integration of external content from social media sites. x
WikiEditor Editor Editor functionality for wiki text x x
WikiExplorer Quality assurance Special page with an article list, which can be filtered and sorted. x