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awmd-stats an acronym for African Wikimedia Developers Statistics is a fully free software tool that lets you easily track technical contributions from Africans into all of MediaWiki core, extensions, skins and other Wikimedia projects that are hosted on Gerrit. This tool, hosted on Wikimedia's Toolforge infrastructure, comes with a minified interface and a chart that allows you to view relevant information about different contributors.

Manual on MediaWiki Tools
Release status: stable
Latest version 2.0
License MIT
Issues : Open tasks · Report a bug

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Currently, the implementation is very basic. The tool feeds on a contributors.json file that it uses to hit Wikimedia Gerrit API endpoints to query data about the various users. Then, it processes all the data and saves in a file, then also renders this nicely on the Web Browser. This tool tries to be user friendly so it works on most screen sizes and/or different types of devices.

It's built in Python 3+ and Flask as the underlying framework, then uses some scripts for basic maintenance and setup to ease installation locally for development and contributions.

Huristic for Ranking

The tool uses a ranking system to rank the different contributors based on their patches and the state of the patch. At the moment, assume that "m" is the number of patches merged and "n" is the number of patches under review, the formula is:

points = (2 x m) + n


The current project administrators are Samuel Guebo and Derick Alangi.

Haluatko muokata?

We would highly appreciate your ideas or patches. Just follow the instructions and get setup, then make your patch and we'll review it. Also, if you find a bug or have an idea for improvement, please just use the Phabricator board at the top right corner of this page or you can also subscribe and send an email to reporting the bug and we will add it to our phabricator board.


Bugs and feature requests

Please file them in the Phabricator project.