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GET request to list items that match select criteria.

API documentation edit

Lists generally return aggregations of data, such as pages gathered from across a wiki, or links gathered within a single page. To request a list, pass the list parameter of your query string a valid list submodule, such as allimages or usercontribs.

To use the list API, specify action=query&list=list1|list2 in the URL.

See individual list API pages for more concrete examples of how to use lists:

Additional notes edit

  • Most list submodules can be used as generators , unless otherwise noted.
  • Lists differ from properties in that, instead of appending data to the elements in the pages element, each list has its own separated branch in the query element.
  • List query limits:
    • The results limit can be set as high as 500 for regular users, or 5000 for users with the apihighlimits right (typically bots and sysops).
    • Some modules impose stricter limits under certain conditions. See this subpage for more details.
    • If you are not sure which limit applies to you and just want as many results as possible, set the limit to max. In that case, a limits element will be returned, specifying the limits used.
    • The limit parameter for a given module consists of the module prefix followed by limit, so ptlimit is the maximum number of protectedtitles returned, and cmlimit is the maximum number of categorymembers returned.

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